Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We've come a long way since the first DTR result at New55

Hard to believe that seven years have gone by since the first experiments were done leading to this early terrible but interesting transfer of the silver sols to a rudimentary receiver sheet forming a barely-recognizable image. Today, New55 FILM sells a 4x5 instant black and white peelapart film and is the only maker of peelapart instant film in the world. Please visit the New55 SHOP and see other products that make real photography fun again.

New55 FILM - Please help us improve it in this Kickstarter

New55 FILM has been in production for over a year and a half, and during that time we have refined some of the processes that make the print better, and the chemical pod is much better too, with the last run yielding well over 3000 excellent pods. We are grateful to supporters and new users of New55 who, like us, are dedicated to the art of large format instant photography. Now it is time to invest in some tools and materials to further improve the overall quality and reliability of the film packet. Please click on THIS LINK
and listen to what Sam Hiser has to say, and Please Support this Kickstarter! Thank You!

Comments about New55 - should we keep going? A real question.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Goals of the Project - New55 COLOR

Taken from the New55 COLOR kickstarter:


Goals of this Project

1. First and foremost, the goal is to create a new Color 4x5 instant film that produces a big, beautiful, peelapart print! This is the object of most of the rewards for supporting the project. If this is successful, the film will produce a vivid, high-resolution color photograph using the easily-obtained Polaroid 545 backs. These fit on millions of cameras.

2. We want to advance development of Pack Films as soon as possible. Even though pack type films are not rewards here, your support will help develop the roll goodsneeded for that important next step. And we will begin the exploration of a new packfilm capability right away, as soon as this Kickstarter is successful. We will report on it regularly as you might expect, and ask for your advice and input as we try different things.

3. This is most exciting: It may be possible to produce a true Color positive-negative material. Never before has this been done except by a few who reclaimed "Fujinegs". An instant color negative is a new idea and something never before offered in the history of analog photography. In addition to being used for instant camera fo
rmats, this material could potentially be made into 120 rollfilms, 35mm and used in both instant AND non-instant cameras! This could be an important outcome from your support of this campaign, though it is not a reward here.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our 2014 Kickstarter for Black and White Charted like this

You are looking at a historical chart of our first successful 2014 OLD Kickstarter effort that was successful. Here's how it went down in 2014.  This is NOT the current Kickstarter. Our New55 COLOR Kickstarter is here.

Below, you can see what happened in 2014. We got the initial bump that looks familiar. Around the middle we spoke up and told the world that at this rate, we weren't going to make it. Many of you responded and in the last days more than 60% of the money was raised.

Together with you, we did it before, and we can do it again. But let's not wait until the last minute to Save Instant Color Peelapart Film before it is lost forever. 

HISTORY. Done but not forgotten. Can we
fund New55 COLOR like we did
Black and White? 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

New55 COLOR Kickstarter begins today!

Finally, after months of R&D and preparation, we are ready to bring to the world the next step in Instant Peelapart Film.

New55 COLOR is live on Kickstarter. We need your help and support to bring this important new material to life!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Color peelapart experiments demonstrate proof-of-principle

Our recent experiments are producing some good-looking results using all-new materials. The first batches of New55 COLOR were produced using leftover materials made by Polaroid and supplied by 20x24 Studio for experiments. These were an essential and excellent start.

Today we are experimenting with an all-new negative, reagent and receiver material that can likely be obtained in fresh production quantities. The results show reasonably good Dmin and Dmax, a good grayscale, fairly correct colors and a color balance within striking distance of a real product.

Not visible here is a load of stuck-on reagent and some mottling caused by our inconsistent gap.  These both have to be fixed and although these results are promising we have no data on fading, pH neutralization, and changes due to age, humidity or time, which we will need.

A proposed Kickstarter is in the works but not quite ready. The success of a 4x5 color effort would presumably lead to the roll goods needed for pack films, later, and possibly other peelapart products.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Orianna Reardon - Fence

Photographer Orianna Reardon's work using New55 PN has always been interesting and very well done, which is not surprising as her other work is much admired too.  Here is an older unpublished photograph she did using a Speed Graphic and New55 PN film.

Monday, September 19, 2016

New Instax Square is 2.5 X 2.5 (inches)

Here's a cut down Instax Wide made in the size of the newly announced Instax Square. The announcement and its timing show that Fujifilm intends to capture remaining market share from its competitors and fulfill its stated goal to stand alone in photographic instant films.  The picture area is 2.5 X 2.5 inches, or a little bigger than a square 120 size film negative frame. The side by side comparison is done by cutting down an Instax Wide shot and simply overlapping it. On the left is a recent Impossible instant photo. Both were shot by me.
Impossible Project's film (left) and a mockup of Fujifilm's new
Instax Square.